My name is Immanuel Trummer, I'm assistant professor for computer science at Cornell University. My research focuses on database and data analysis. In particular, I'm interested in making data analysis more efficient and more user friendly via planning and optimization.

Papers of mine were recently selected for best of VLDB, the ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award, and for publication in CACM as CACM Research Highlight. I'm recipient of the Google European PhD Fellowship in structured data analysis and alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation. More recently, I received the Google Research Faculty Award 2017 and a honorable mention for the Jim Gray Award. This Web site gives an overview of my research and contains related material such as video recordings of my recent talks. Please feel free to mail me any comments or questions to

I'm currently looking for excellent PhD students!
If interested: mail your CV and a short description of your reserarch interests to

News 2018
  • Our paper "Data vocalization with CiceroDB" has been accepted at CIDR 2019!
  • Our paper "Verifying text summaries of relational data sets" has been accepted at SIGMOD 2019!
  • Our paper "SkinnerDB: regret-bounded query evaluation via reinforcement learning" has been accepted at SIGMOD 2019!
  • Our paper "Exact cardinality query optimization with bounded execution cost" has been accepted at SIGMOD 2019!
  • Our paper "A holistic approach to query evaluation and result vocalization for voice-based OLAP" has been accepted at SIGMOD 2019!

Here are the slides of my 2017 overview talk on recent and ongoing work in the areas of data vocalization, query optimization, and automated fact checking.

This is my prior talk from 2016 in which I describe work on query optimization, text mining, quantum annealing, and natural language interfaces: